Car with a Brain is the forty-seventh episode of the 1967 Speed Racer animated cartoon series.


For 22 years, brilliant scientist Dr. McFife had secretly developed a Monster Car that is controlled by an electronic brain. One stormy night on the Bonnie Hills of Scotland, he uses the lightning to gather up enough energy to power his massive creation. The moment that it was activated, McFife sends it out to wreak havoc on the countryside. The Monster Car plows through everything in its way, smashing through a village, past a police car, destroying the Bonnie racetrack, and shaking up the city where the Racers, Sparky, and Trixie are staying at their hotel. Not wanting anything bad to happen to the Mach 5 during the incident, Speed dashes off to the parking lot to reach his vehicle. As he prepared to get the high-tech race car out of the parking lot, he witnesses the Monster Car destroy the place.

Speed then goes off in pursuit, before being blown away by one of the gigantic vehicle's rocket thrusters, leaving him unconscious and the Mach 5 on its side. The Monster Car then destroys an entire tank battalion that had attempted to destroy it to no avail. More to come



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