Corinne Orr is a Canadian-born actress and voice artist, who now lives in New York City. She voiced the characters of Mom Racer, Trixie, and Spritle in the original series.



Orr became involved in Children's Theatre beginning at the age of 10 and started to develop her repetroire of voices. By the age of 14 was working at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, as well as the Montreal Repertory Theatre and the Montreal Mountain Playhouse. Orr was hired for roles on CBC radio and CBC television. In New York, Corinne began working regularly on radio, television, and as a voice artist.

Orr has narrated commercials, cartoons, children's stories, provided voices for several dolls, and recorded numerous books on tape. She was the voice of Snuggle the Bear in Snuggle's fabric softener commercials, and continues to work in such series as the Disney shows PB&J Otter and Stanley.

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