The Cosmopolis Grand Prix is a racing track featured in the Speed Racer film (and the tie-in video game).


It is one of many courses sanctioned by the WRL. Located on the center of Cosmopolis, inside a massive colosseum. This is where the final race of the film takes place in, where Speed Racer goes against Jack "Cannonball" Taylor and many other famous drivers.

Racer List

According to the racer list from the film, 40 racers participated in the Grand Prix. The list appears to have some inaccuracies, as several of the drivers listed don't appear in the movie, and several sponsors are not listed here. Here's the list as it is in the movie:

Table listing the Grand Prix racers and sponsors by their grid number
1. Gray Ghost

(Écran Établissement)

15. Sam "Lightning" Storm

(Atomic Injectables)

29. Hemi Jones

(Jerome Jet Engines)

2. Rosey Blaze

(Three Roses)

16. Colonel Colon

(Sempre Fi-Ber)

30. Markus Spoiler

(Costa Carborators)

3. Sonic "Boom Boom" Renaldi

(Gödelian Autonomics)

17. Mariana Zanja


31. Hyu Otori

(Gaeta Gearbox Racers)

4. Prince Kabala


18. Denise Davis

(Iodyne Industries)

32. Jeronimo Cuarto

(Libreri Liberators)

5. Kellie "Gearbox" Kalinkov

(Roof Inc.)

19. Esther "Rev" Reddy

(King Crab Urinal Cakes)

33. Manny Torque

(McCarthy Data Systems)

6. Kakkoi Teppodama

(Musha Motors)

20. Sweet-Tooth Jangala


34. Oriana (Oriana Flub?)

(Kearney Kings)

7. Nitro Venderhoss


21. Hans Blau Blau

(Walters Wiring Services)

35. Jan Bos Groen

(Beth's Bearings)

8. Jack "Cannonball" Taylor

(Royalton Industries)

22. James Kowalski

(Alexa & The Aerodynamos)

36. Andre Tiers

(Goat Grinders)

9. Booster Mbube

(Zokeo Communications)

23. Otto Vijfde

(The Purgin Sturgeons)

37. Twinkle (Twinkle Banks?)

(The Schlamanators)

10. Pitter Pat

(Razor Back Depilatories)

24. Andre Jurne

(Ganziano Gas CO)

38. Herbert Zweitens

(The Baker's Dozen)

11. Gothorm Danneskjøld


25. Chip Hulme

(Mohen Motorwerks)

39. Bodhi Ethan Wight

(Wig Powercells)

12. Delilah

(Flying Foxes Freight)

26. Clutch McNally

(Linden Alleycats)

40. Speed Racer

(Racer Motors)

13. Thready Gold

(Bradley Boys Bargain Bins)

27. Daniel Vidrio

(Moore Checkers)

14. Scooter Dickey


28. Ernesto Veroe

(Hume Properllars)

Actual car list

Mach 6 #6 1st

Grx #66 DNF 32nd

Grey ghost #23 DNF 28th

Musha Motors  #44 DNF 29th

Sonic boom boom Renaldi #33 26th

3 roses #33 9th

Prince kabala #13 DNF 34th

Zoomishi #82 #16th

UlUL car #81 7th

Janus automakers car #11 DNF 35th

Kasatoshi car #53 DNF 31st

Gearbox’s car #91 DNF 36th

Red kawarimono car #30 DNF 33rd

Blue kawarimono car #30 6th

Infernal oil car #43 10th

Masurai car #22 17th

Strauss auto car #45 15th

King crab urinal cakes car red colored #45 #14th

Blurring ultramarine car #66 21st

yellow Iodyne car #34 12th

Paxon car #42 13th

Iodyne industries car #34 23rd

Tortitude tiga car #78 25th

Topps/happy chow car #49

Ekpyrosis car #31 DNF 40th

Infinity 55 car #55 DNF 39th

Scarlett valentine car #40? DNF 38th

Firebatter car? DNF 37

Petrobras car #3 2nd

Glu car# 73 27th

dispersion car ? 3rd

Mantini car? 24th

Ki goi car #19 11th

Velocity speedster car ? 4th

Yellow velocity car ? 19th

UlUL car 2 #81 22nd

Manecks car #89 18th

Zokeo car #59 5th

La Maria car ? 20th

Blue Zokeo car #59 DNF 30th


  • The track was originally going to only feature 39 racers, one short since Taejo Togokahn refused his invitation; but thanks to Togokahn's sister, Speed was able to take the 40th spot and race for the prize.


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