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Fuji Helexicon is a racetrack in The World Racing League located in a tropical archipelago. The Track appears in the 2008 Movie and The Video Game.

Racer List

There's no list showing the driver names from Fuji, but some can be noticed via analysis. Here's a list of the known ones:

Finishing order

1st. Grey ghost

2nd. Racer x

3rd Silver type d

4th Manecks car 2

5th Infernal oil car (Blue and Yellow car)

6th Mach 6(dnf)

7th 3 roses (dnf)

8th Togokahn(dnf)

9th Surge box( dnf)

10th Billy steel belted(dnf)

11th Iodyne(dnf)

12th Kawarimono(dnf)

13th Nosok(dnf)

Table listing the known Fuji Helexicon drivers
Speed Racer

(Racer Motors)

Racer X


Taejo Togokahn

(Togokahn Motors)

Gray Ghost

(Écran Établissement)

Slick Wheels White

(Three Roses)

Billy Steel-belted

(Manecks' Novelties)

Billy Ray

(Zokeo Communications)


(Iodyne Industries)


2008 Film

Videogame (DS)

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