Speed and Twinkle awake back into consciousness. They enter the cave behind the Falls. Cornpone Brotch (identified as Cornpone Brush in the previous episode) and his thugs arrive with the treasure. Speed fights off the thugs, while Brotch escapes in the Mach 5.

Using her experience as an escape artist, Twinkle frees herself and Speed from the ropes that bind them. Trixie, in her helicopter, along with Spritle and Chim Chim, spots Brotch in the Mach 5. Speed and Twinkle exit the cave; Trixie picks them up. Brotch enters his secret hideout located in Mount Rushmore. Later that night, Speed and the gang find the secret entrance.

Inside the mountain, Speed and company find collections of stolen art and cars, including the Mach 5. Brotch surrounds them with ferocious black panthers. While Speed fights the cats, Twinkle jumps to safety, hanging from a chandelier. Meanwhile, Trixie races in the Mach 5 to save her friends. Brotch locks them all in the room. Sleeping gas seeps through vents in the wall and the panthers pass out. Speed and company are protected by the Mach 5's deflector shield. With a handkerchief over his face, Speed jumps out of his car and opens the door. Spritle and Chim Chim feed the panthers candy; the cats attack the thugs. Finally, Speed, Trixie and Twinkle escape. They enter a room where a lion sits in a cage, connected to another with Twinkle's father inside. Brotch tells them to step back or he'll let the lion into the clown's cage. Twinkle reminds her father that he used to be the best animal trainer in the world. The clown stares down the lion. Riding atop the panthers, Spritle and Chim Chim come to the rescuer.

Later, at Niagara Falls, Twinkle performs her trick again. This time, the clown accompanies her in the vehicle. The clown is Speed in disguise.





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