The Mach 6 is a car in both the 2008 film and the Next Generation series.

Speed Racer film

In the Speed Racer Film the Mach 6 is a state-of-the-art T-180 racing car driven by Speed Racer in the World Racing League. After the "accident" during the Fuji Helexicon race Speed, Pops, Sparky and family are left to build a new one from scratch to race in the WRL Grand Prix. The car used in the film was designed to look like an Indy car or Formula 1 racer.


This car features auto-jacks like in all T-180 racers, but it has case-hardened dampeners for extra power, which means much higher jumps. It is also powered by a single-forge Bernoulli Convergenator, which is claimed by Pops to be superior to the GRX's inter-positive transponder ("Transponder schmonder," he said, "You want real kick, you go Bernoulli.") This claim was proven when Speed ran a patch through the starter to the Convergenator, shifts the Mach 6 to fifth gear, and jump-starts it, making for an extraordinary burst of speed. The car also features a custom-designed suspension system whose components are derived from biological sources for a degree of flexibility not seen in factory-built wheels. The Mach 6's chassis is a hand-welded nitronium cage with octovalve fasteners, along with a body shell reinforced with submolecular metallitizers. 

Other Appearances

This model of the Mach 6 is also featured in the videogame tie-in.

Speed Racer: The Next Generation

The Mach 6 was built as the successor to the Mach 5 used in the Original Series. After Speed Racer Jr. destroys the Mach 5 in Speed Racer: The Next Generation, he and his friends Conor and Lucy, discover the plans for a gasless engine amongst the wreckage. With these plans, Conor builds the Mach 6.

Unlike the Mach 6 used in the Speed Racer feature film, Speed Jr.'s Mach 6 is a coupe design with a front-mounted engine. In contrast, the T-180 homologated Mach 6's design can be more likened to a single seater or prototype racer. The Mach 6 is also capable of seating 3 people.

The Mach 6 is essentially an updated version of the Mach 5 and is equipped with upgraded versions of it's predecessor's gadgets. These include laser saws/cutting blades, a homing bird and Auto Jacks.

Mach Go Go Go model kit

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Mach 6 Demo

Demonstration of the Mach 6 from the videogame.

2008 Film

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