While out on a practice race, Speed is almost run off the track by a mysterious black car. Later that night, the black car gains on an automobile whose driver recognizes it as the X3. Before causing the auto to crash, the black car broadcasts, "Melange still races." A second car is also caused to crash.

The next day, Inspector Detector asks for Speed's help. While Spritle and Chim Chim hide in the Mach 5's trunk with a tape recorder, a chase ensues, but the X3 outdistances Speed. Spritle produces a tape recording of the X3's message. Pops explains that the recent victims were the coaches of the Three Roses Club race team, the expected victors of the Danger Pass Race. However, they were worried Slash Market driving car number X3, the Melange, might beat them. Mysteriously, the Melange crashed. Pops recalls that Slash had two children – Slash Jr. and Lilly.

The Inspector, Speed, and Trixie pay the siblings a visit and learn that they know nothing. Later, Lilly tells her brother that she won't lie for him again. Slash Jr. takes her to a secret workshop where he has rebuilt the Melange X3 car. Because he is crippled, he asks Lilly to drive in the upcoming Danger Pass Race. On race day, the Melange lines up beside the Three Roses Club cars. Slash Jr. vows to take Speed out first. During the race, Speed discovers Lilly is the driver of the Melange.


Logic and Continuity Errors 

The first driver attacked by the X3 sees that in his rearview mirror; that is wrong because it a mirror the X-3 would be backwards ie it would look like E-X.  Also the marking on the car and the note dropped changes between X-3 and X3.




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