With Lilly passed out at the wheel, Speed realizes that Slash Jr. is driving the Melange via remote control. Unable to overtake it, Speed pulls over and discovers that Trixie has stowed away. Up ahead, the Melange approaches the Three Roses Club cars. Trixie sends a message in the homing robot that car number 3 is really the X3 Melange. Meanwhile, the Melange causes two of the Club cars to crash. Speed takes a shortcut over the mountain. He intersects the remaining Club car and the Melange car. Slash Jr. follows overhead, shooting at Speed. The sound of the gunfire, coupled with the thunder of the helicopter, causes an avalanche. Speed and Trixie climb to safety.

Meanwhile, Inspector Detector, Pops, and a convoy of police officials head out to capture Slash Jr. Speed catches up to the driver less Melange. While Trixie takes over the Mach 5's steering wheel, Speed jumps into the Melange. Unfortunately, Speed is too late, and the Melange collides with the third Club car. Both cars plunge into the valley below. Inspector Detector and the gang arrive to watch Slash Jr.'s helicopter crash. Speed swims to safety in a river near the crash site.





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