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Racer X (The Masked Racer) (覆面レーサー, Fukumen Rēsā?)

Undeniably, Racer X is the least understood driver on the Formula 1 racing circuit. Both feared and revered, he inspires rumors that whenever he competes, crashes are sure to occur. A facemask used to conceal his true identity further shrouds him in mystery, only adding to his reputation as a jinx.

Unbeknownst to Speed (and his family), Racer X is really his older brother, Rex Racer, a fact we are frequently reminded of throughout the long series. Long ago, while competing in a race, Rex crashed a car Pops built. Subsequently he ran away from home when Pops told him he lacked the necessary experience to race professionally. Aided by his mentor, Kabala, Racer X hones his driving skills, learning how to drive on “tortured roads and broken trails.” After this internship, he becomes a professional driver. Along the way, he adds “secret agent” to his resume. He uses his experience as a racecar driver as cover for his primary occupation at the Paris-based International Police.


Racer X:

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