On May 6 2008, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment released a video game in conjunction with the Speed Racer movie.

Players are able to race as Speed or 19 other characters from the movie. The cars can smash, jump, flip and spin in the "car-fu" style of the movie, as they race at over 350 mph through stadium tracks. A split-screen mode allows multi-person play.

John Gaeta the co-supervisor of visual fx for the movie, collaborated with Warner Brothers and Sidhe Interactive to help ensure that the game's aesthetic would match the movie's.[1]


The Wii version of the game features 20 playable characters, while the PS2 version adds five other exclusive drivers bringing the total number to 25. The DS version however, only features 16 racers.

Table listing every character in the game
Portrait Driver Car Team Versions
Portraitspeed.png Speed Racer Mach 6 Racer Motors Wii/PS2/DS
Portraittrixie.png Trixie TRX-Rod Racer Motors Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitracerx.png Racer X Augury Independent Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitcannonball.png Jack "Cannonball" Taylor GRX Royalton Industries Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitrosey.png Rosey Blaze Thistle Three Roses Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitsnake.png Snake Oiler Hydrophiidae Hydra-Cell Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitghost.png Gray Ghost Fumée Écran Établissement Wii/PS2/DS
Portraittaejo.png Taejo Togokahn Hangul Togokahn Motors Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitboom.png Sonic "Boom Boom" Renaldi Chalk-Head Gödelian Autonomics Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitkabala.png Prince Kabala Gigerbon Kabala Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitgearbox.png Kellie "Gearbox" Kalinkov Matryoshka Krysha Korporatsiya Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitnitro.png Nitro Venderhoss Skullmelter Ekpyrosis Wii/PS2
Portraitbooster.png Booster Mbube Surge Box Zokeo Communications Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitpat.png Pitter Pat Fera1 Razorback Depilatory Wii/PS2
Portraitgothorm.png Gothorm Danneskjøld Taangrisnir Thor-Axine Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitdelila.png Delila Chichi Flying Foxes Freight Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitcolon.png Colonel Colon Chit Ticket Sempre Fi-Ber Wii/PS2
Portraitmariana.png Mariana Zanja Petrobras-1 Petrobras Wii/PS2/DS
Portraitdenise.png Denise Mobile Iodyde Iodyne Industries Wii/PS2
Portraitrev.png Esther "Rev" Reddy Scuttler King Crab Urinal Cakes Wii/PS2
Portraitscooter.png Scooter Dickey D-Barrel Yen-Che PS2
Portraitkakkoi.png Kakkoi Teppodama Seppuku Musha Motors PS2
Portraitsam.png Sam "Lightning" Storm Nuke Shot Atomic Injectables PS2/DS
Portraitsweettooth.png Sweet-Tooth Jangala Gormandizer Happy Chow PS2
Portraitchimchim.png Chim Chim Chimpinator Racer Motors PS2


Wii & PS2 Versions

The game's tracks take place in five different events or environments (six in the PS2 version), each including six tracks; three clockwise tracks of different lengths and three counterclockwise versions of the same ones.

(*) Skorost is only available in the PS2 version.

DS Version

The DS version features completely different tracks taking place in seven different "Arenas", each including three tracks. Excluding the Cosmopolis Arena which only includes one track.



  • Wii (developed by Sidhe Interactive)
  • Nintendo DS
  • Playstation 2 (developed by Sidhe Interactive; released with the DVD)



  • In the PS2 version, Chim Chim was an unlockable character despite not being a racer himself. Chim Chim never appears as a opponent, only awarded after finishing every championship.
  • Despite the Wii and PS2 versions having similar gameplay, the DS version had a whole different style of not only gameplay, but different skins for the cars, new tracks, new ranking system and more.
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