Speed Racer (三船剛 Mifune Gō) — Main character in Speed Racer and reccurring character in Speed Racer: The Next Generation


Speed Racer (1967)


Speed has dark brown hair styled into a pompadour, blue eyes, and stands slightly shorter than most of the adults in the series. He has a much rounder and softer face than most of the other characters. Of course, his most defining feature are his long, thick eyelashes. He has been described as looking "so handsome that he consistently looks awkward" standing next to several of the more cartoon-y cast members.

His main outfit consists of a blue collard shirt with white trim. On it is emblazoned a large yellow "G" presumably after his Japanese name "Go". He also wears a red ascot. His pants are white, with small slits on the bottoms. He wears dark brown loafers, red socks, and yellow gloves. He will often also wear his racing helmet, which is white with a large red "M".


Speed is a stereotypical "good guy" often times putting his life at risk to save others. This characterization is both inconsistent and hilarious, sometimes with reality seemingly warping around Speed in order for him to stay morally in the right.

Speed LOVES racing and cars. He's obsessed with becoming the best racer ever. This leads him to doing increasing more and more ridiculous things in his pursuit of racing knowledge. often times, simply turning up because the plot needed him to be there. A good example of this is in Episode 37 "The Terrifying Gambler" when Speed goes to the house of Mr. Fastbucks (the villain of the week). Speed know this man has tried to kill him once, but decides he must talk to him because he knows a lot about roulette, and to Speed, roulette and race car driving have enough in common.

Speed is also extremely competitive on the race track. He wants to win, no matter the circumstances, as he feels it would be unfair to throw a race even if another person's life is at risk. However, this may simply be a childish desire to win.

Unique abilities

Jumping - Speed will fling himself out of fast moving vehicles, jumping impossible distances, yet always landing where he needs to be.

Deductive reasoning - Speed will often figure out exactly what the bad guys plans are with very little evidence. In "The Great Plan" Parts 1 and 2, because the bad guys shoot at him while he is racing, Speed deduces that the plans for the new Mach 5 must be written on his windshield in invisible ink. How he reaches these types of conclusions is unclear.

Hand to hand combat - Speed has shown himself capable in any fight, taking out bad guys with a single blow. It is possible he has learned these techniques from his father, Pops Racer, who was a wrestling champion.



Speed is Trixie's boyfriend. This is inconsistently stated in the show, sometimes referring to her as Speed's friend, and other times as his girlfriend. The two seem to get along well. However, Speed's love of racing will sometimes pull him away from time with Trixie, much to her annoyance. In Episode 12 "Race for Revenge" Speed canceled a date to investigate a car. Speed seems uncomfortable with any sort of physical contact with Trixie (but that might be because it was the 60s). Trixie will go on most of Speed's adventures with him, and winds up saving him most of the time.

Pops, Mom, and Spritle

Speed gets along well with his parents. Early on in the series, he did disobey his father's direct orders about becoming a professional racer. However, the two of them got over it very quickly. It's clear that Pops is proud of his son, and Speed respects him. He proudly tells various people how much of a technical achievement the Mach 5 is and always credits his father with its design. Although Speed does love his little brother, he is often annoyed with Spritle's chaotic antics.


Speed and Sparky are good friends. Sparky is also the only person to consistently worry about Speed's safety on his many dangerous racing adventures. This leads to the two of them fighting in Episode 9 "The Most Dangerous Race", but the two of them make up quickly in the longest apology seen on the show. Sparky will also come along on some of Speed's adventures, although he usually is involved in the B plot of the episode.

Racer X

Speed seems to respect Racer X, as he always wants to beat him fairly, refusing help from him in Episode 9 "The Most Dangerous Race" even though Speed can't see. Racer X seems to similarly respect Speed, and in his internal monologue, he says he's proud of him.


  • Speed is 18 years old.
  • Despite supposedly being in a committed relationship with Trixie, Speed will occasionally get crushes on other girls.
  • Speed has been kidnapped more than any other cast member.
  • Speeds favorite exclamation is "OH!"
  • He once referred to being drugged as "becoming sleepy."
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