The T-180 is the name of the World Racing League stock racers. Very similar to Formula 1 race cars at first glance, T-180s are capable of speeds up to 400 MPH. They are also equipped with auto-jacks for jumping, or simply changing tires out quickly. All 4 wheels on a T-180 are capable of rotating independently, allowing them to spin without total loss of control and perform very skilled drifts. The only reason why the Mach 5 cannot run in T-180 races is because of its conventional wheelbase and axle.

T-180s mostly use their jet engines to steer, while the wheels are used to face the car in the right direction, as well as braking and accelerating with the normal car engine for smaller adjustments. It is likely that T-180-style wheels were created to make drifting easier, safer, and more effective after Rex drifted the Mach 4, using it's jet engine to take turns at higher speeds.

T-180 cars
Speed Racer
Jack "Cannonball" Taylor
Racer X
Snake Oiler
Pitter Pat
Taejo Togokahn
Gray Ghost
Sonic "Boom Boom" Renaldi
Nitro Venderhoss
Kakkoi Teppodama
Kellie "Gearbox" Kalinkov
Prince Kabala
Mariana Zanja
Booster Mbube
Rosey Blaze
Denise Mobile
Esther "Rev" Reddy
Gothorm Danneskjøld
Colonel Colon
Sam "Lightning" Storm
Scooter Dickey
Sweet-Tooth Jangala
Chim Chim
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