Speed, along with Trixie, Sparky, and the Mach 5 are on their way to Sandoland to compete in the Desert Race. Kim Jugger tells Speed that "he doesn't have a chance of winning." He orders the workmen to load his car, the Black Tiger, first. Spritle and Chim Chim disguise themselves and board the plane. After frightening the stewardess, they escape into the cargo area. A one-eyed man enters and the two youngsters see him plant a time bomb in Kim's race car.

Upon landing, the Black Tiger explodes. Kim accuses Speed of ordering his brother to sabotage his car. Speed denies the accusation and a fight ensues. At the hotel, Spritle tells Speed what happened in the airplane. Determined to prove his innocence, Speed and Trixie head out to Flathill Country, Kim's homeland. After surviving a sandstorm, the Mach 5 is chased by rebel soldiers riding camels that seem faster than normal. Unfortunately, the Mach 5 crashes when it autojacks over a sand dune. The rebels take Speed and company to a desert fortress where Kim lives with his father, General Ali Gallant of the Flathill Army. Spritle identifies the one-eyed man, Ali Ben Schemer, as the culprit. Schemer orders the soldiers to lock Speed in jail and to burn the Mach 5.





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