While the Flathill Rebel Army soldiers set the Mach 5 aflame, Speed attacks one of the rebels. General Ali Gallant announces that he ordered Ali Ben Schemer, his cousin, to blow up his son's race car because they need his help in the revolution. Speed and Kim argue over who would have won the race, and Schemer suggests that they should race each other to find out. When Kim Jugger notes that his special brakes can never be repaired, Schemer suggests that Kim and Speed race without brakes. The next morning, Schemer gives them each a sack lunch and the race begins. He then has General Gallant killed and takes Trixie and Spritle prisoner. Chim Chim rescues Spritle and they escape on a camel and wander in the desert. Meanwhile, as the Black Tiger and the Mach 5 race through the desert, the sack "lunches" open revealing deadly scorpions. Kim realizes what Schemer is up to. The scorpions are smashed; the race resumes.

Spritle and Chim Chim wander the desert and soon begin to hallucinate that they are in an oasis. They both pass out from the heat, and as vultures are about to feed on them members of the Flathill Government Army, led by General Abdul Noble, rescue them. Back on the racecourse, the Black Tiger is devoured by quicksand. Kim, Speed, and the Mach 5 almost meet the same fate, but the Government Army rescues them too.

Back at the Government Army fort, Kim and Speed recover from their near death experience. General Noble gives Kim the bad news about his father and Schemer, and plans a raid on the rebel fortress. Kim disguises himself as Ali Yum Yum, a fruit merchant, and enters the fortress with Spritle and Chim Chim. Kim rescuesTrixie and Prince Omar of Flathill, and they escape in the Mach 5 just before the fortress explodes.

Later Speed is able to compete in the Great Desert Race and is wished good luck by Kim.





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