The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 2) (Japanese: 悪魔のレースカー(後編), Akuma no Rēsu Kā (Kōhen) The Evil Race Car (Episode 2)) is the twenty-first episode of Speed Racer.


Speed, doing the opening narration, recapped the events of the previous episode up to the point where he lost consciousness at the wheel of the GRX.

Pops, Spritle and Chim-Chim catch up to the slowing GRX so that they would attempt to stop the car and save Speed from crashing. After Spritle breaks open the window on the driver's side with a wrench, Chim-Chim jumps into the GRX. Spritle and Pops try to tell the chimpanzee to stop goofing around and put his foot on the brake pedal. The GRX veers towards an aqueduct as Chim-Chim attempts to grab a praying mantis from the brake pedal, which he succeeds at, also stopping the car from crashing.

Just then, Pops is cronfronted by Omar and his co-hort, as a fight broke out. While the fight went on, Sprtile and Chim-Chim drag the unconscious Speed out of the car. Pops eventually defeated the two thugs, as they then drive off in the GRX. The next morning, Speed wakes up in his bed, with his coordination having been negatively affected by the high speeds of the GRX. For this, Pops subjects Speed to a treatment in which he splashes buckets of water onto him, and at one point, accidentally splashes Trixie. Speed laughed at Trixie's humorous misfortune, as Pops then scolds him of how he's been very worried about him, before warning him of the GRX and to keep away from it, not wanting him to suffer the same fate as Ben Cranem and the other test drivers.

Later, at the track, Speed is participating in the final trials for the Oriental Grand Prix against the GRX, driven by Louis Towcar. Moments before the trials start, Louis is given the formula by one of Oriana's henchman, who warns him not to drink any water. Sparky also tells Speed not to try and beat the car and to "hold back a little". During the race, Louis gets desperately thirsty for water while several seconds ahead of Speed, and drinks it. However, soon after, the formula wears off as his coordination became negatively affected. He loses control of the GRX, just as Speed used the Mach 5's auto jacks to jump over it. The GRX crashes. Fortunately for Louis, he survives and is taken to the hospital. Right after Louis was taken away, Oriana approaches him and offers to let him drive the GRX, which he accepts.

Later on, Pops, Trixie, and Spritle went to search for Speed since they haven't seen him and that he left the Mach 5 behind on the track. Chim-Chim had also gone missing.

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In the episode

  • This is the first time we the audience see the Mach 5's speedometer, which maxes out at 360 km/h.

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