In the volcanic mountains of Kapecapek, Speed is competing in the most unusual race of his life." Kadar and his men find diamonds encrusted in the mountain wall. A creeping vine grabs his men (who escape), while Kadar holds Kabala at gunpoint. Speed throws a knife knocking the gun out of Kadar's hand. A fight ensues and Kabala's mask falls off, revealing Racer X. Racer X is about to give Speed an explanation when the ground caves in. Kadar and his thugs leave with the Kapecapekian treasure.

Speed and Racer X find a way out. Racer X tells Speed that the real Kabala taught him "tricks on how to race on tortured roads and broken trails." Once Racer X turned professional, he had a race with his mentor, who, unfortunately, fell victim to a landslide. To return Kabala's kindness, Racer X disguised himself as Kabala to protect the Kapecapekian treasure.

Kadar and his men succumb to the lava flow. Speed, followed by Racer X, exits the mountain just as it erupts and seals the split. Although Speed won the race, the Chief won't concede. Speed points out that Kabala is really Racer X, who suggests that Kapecapek keep its borders open "some of the time.





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