On the racetrack, the Stunt Car Spectacular promises actions and thrills. When two of the contestants attempt to scale a ramp and clear out a stack of cars, they fail. Daredevil driver Snake Oiler who's a member of the Car Acrobatic Team urges Speed to try it out. Speed who didn't do it decided to challenge Snake to the upcoming Big Alpine Race. Later on, Speed and Pops travel towards the most challenging section of the course where each driver must leap over a deep cavern with no plunging into the river 1,000 feet below. On site, the Car Acrobatic Teams gives a demonstration of their remarkable ability, twirling in the air over the cavern. Before Speed can attempt it, Racer X offers some advice.

Back at Pops garage, Pops wants to wish how he knew the secret behind the abilities of the Car Acrobatic automobiles. Spritle and Chim Chim overheard what Pops' said and sneak away at night to spy on the team Pops mentioned. Spritle returns with photographs with details of the special devices that makes the cars fly up. Longer enough, the Mach 5 is modified with wings. When Pops passes out from the exhaustion, Trixie takes him to the hospital. Now Speed heads to the track when he noticed a problem with the brakes on his Mach 5 along the way.



Other facts:

  • A short segment was cut from the dubbed version which contained one of the only known shots of Gō/Speed eating in the series. He takes a bite of a sandwich, as does Michi/Trixie, when the Go Team has first arrived in the Alps. The scene may have been cut for time reasons.



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