When Speed competes himself in the Big Alpine Race, an official warns Speed on possible bad weather. Thinking fearfully that the Mach 5's brakes will fail, Sparky, Spritle and Chim Chim sets out to reach Speed with new brakes. When something goes awry with Sparky's car, Trixie manages to rescue them in her helicopter. Arriving on the icy road, Speed pulls ahead of the Car Acrobatic Team. Now the team thwarts Speed's attempt by knocking down some icicles. Rounding to an icy curve, the Mach 5’s brakes fail, causing the car to spin out of control and sliding down the mountainside. Speed now radios Trixie for help. In the next morning, Speed tries to catch up to Snake Oiler when his car, along with others, is stopped at a treacherous part of the course. Due to the cause of heavy rains, any car attempting to jump over the cavern would be guaranteed to cause a landslide. The drivers decide to draw lots when Speed jumps and joins the wreckage below.



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