It is officially the second day of the Big Alpine Race and not one racer managed to cross the chasm except for Racer X. In a nearby lodge, Trixie, Sparky, Spritle, and Chim Chim await for the rain to pass out. As the two drivers deliver the news of what happened at the pass, Trixie and the gang leave and aboard in her helicopter to rescue Speed. Next morning, Speed regains consciousness, making a discovery of himself that he is unable to see. Although, he finds the Mach 5 and starts the engine.

At the race, Snake Oiler cruises by on his way to victory at the finish line. When Speed uses his acute sense of hearing, he follows the sound of Racer X’s car, leading him back onto the race course. When the Mach 5’s wheels get stuck and Racer X leaves him behind, Racer X crashes with his legs bring broken. Now Speed finds him and both posing as a team in the Mach 5, they plan to overtake Snake and win the race together. Both Speed and Racer X is close to reaching Snake. When Speed’s eyesight returns, he spots Snake’s car leaking some oil outside. Speed warns his opponent, but Snake continues to drive ahead, ignoring the warning. Suddenly, Snake's car explodes, making Speed win the race. Snake vows vengeance for the near future while Racer X silently tip toes away.





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