Speed now avoids a collision with Bladdard's motorcyclist squad. Tiny, Blaggard's sumo bodyguard knocks Speed out. Coming up with a plan to save Mr. Clepto form Tiny, Speed reveals to Blaggard the location of the $1,000,000,000. Speed phones Pops and gives Trixie a message to her: Forget about the $650 ring, it's a signal for help. Guarded by Blaggard's men, Speed heads to Misty Valley using his Mach 5 where the $1,000,000,000 is located at. Speed tries to radio for help. Blaggard stops him and he accidentally sends the homing robot back home. At the Racer home, Trixie who was stood up by Speed, wakes up Pops. Spritle gives the blame to the homing robot for waking him. Trixie rushes off to search for Speed.

The next day, Blaggard's thugs enters a lodge with Lana, a Misty Valley native, but is really Trixie in disguise. Back on the road, "Lana" and Speed escape and moves on to the village where Pops is waiting for them. Blaggard arrives there first. They still continue to Misty Valley. At the secret location, the loot is found. Blaggard commands his men to shoot everyone. Spritle and Chim Chim, who was hidden in Trixie's helicopter, along with a group of monkeys hail the thugs with stones. Speed fights back to the thugs. Mysteriously, Racer X saves them again. Refusing to give up, Blaggard escapes to his car with the money and Speed follows him. Speed directs the robot to knock out the loot Blaggard has. The money bills spill out and disintegrates into dust. Inspector Detector arrives and rewards Speed with $100,000, which Speed donates to Mr. Clepto to start a home for homeless children.





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