Speed Racer, Spritle, and Chim Chim go out for a test drive for the Mach 5. The radio makes an announcement that Tongue Blaggard made an escape from prison. The Racers meet a girl and her grandfather whose Model T racing car broke down on the road. Speed offered to help out, but the old man declined. Later on, the racers find the broken down Model T again. Now the old man changing his mind, he accepted Speed's help. While the racers dine with the old man with his granddaughter and his adopted children, Blaggard steals the Model T Racing Car, trying to hope that it once belonged to the crook, Fingers Clepto. With the car stolen, Speed vows to bring back the stolen car back. Unashamed, the old man reveals who his father was. Trixie in her helicopter spotted the stolen Model T and brings it into Pops' garage for minor repairs.

Longer than ever, a line of Model T's formed with engine trouble. Speed finds it very strange and uncovered the old man's original engine, finding a secret code number etched on it from Light Fingers Clepto who's the old man's father. On his hideout, Blaggard recalls his encounter with the inmate who told him about the Model T vehicle's secret engine number that leads to the loot. Making a decision to bait Blaggard, Speed adorns the Mach 5 using a flag to bear the engine's secret code. Blaggard's men follow him while a cargo helicopter flies ahead. The thugs set a fire on Speed and the old man, until Racer X arrives to defend his brother. Instead, he ends up on the edge's cliff. The helicopter lowers a ramp to unload a squad of weapon-carrying motorcyclists.





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