Trixie is a recurring character in the speed racer franchise.

Usually arriving in her helicopter, Speed’s girlfriend Trixie is always ready to aid Speed in a time of crises. Whether performing search-and-rescue missions or smoke-bombing Speed’s adversaries, Trixie never backs down in the face of danger. And, like Racer X, she happens to arrive just in the nick of time. She’s one tough gal with enough spunk to keep up with her beau’s high-octane adventures. She isn’t afraid to speak her mind, either to Speed or to any of the villains she comes up against.

Known to throw more than one surprised criminal for a loop, she’ll do it again if fools cross her path. Loyal and protective, Trixie is direct and clear to Speed’s female oglers and to various heads of state (who wish to betroth their daughters to Speed) that he is taken. After all is said and done, Trixie usually gets her way – even if she has to stow aboard the Mach 5.


Trixie is Speed Racer's beautiful girlfriend, who is always ready to aid Speed in a time of crisis.

In Speed Racer The Videogame, Trixie is a playable character and she drives the TRX-Rod. She is available by default and her ally is Speed Racer while her rival is Esther Reddy

In Speed Racer:The Next Generationit is revealed Trixie married Speed and had two sons named Speed Racer Jr. and X Racer.
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